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Our Services

Kinetic Multimedia Systems has a long history of analyzing, designing and developing systems of many different varieties. Over our twenty-year history, we have created software systems, created SQL databases, integrated Audio/Visual and Information Technology, conducted user training and provided production support and maintenance for our customers. Our expertise in creating software systems covers the gamut of solutions from system software such as device drivers and interfaces, to complex client/server and enterprise web applications. In addition to our software development expertise, we have extensive experience designing and implementing audio/visual systems, information systems, training, and maintenance and support.

KMS has a history of implementing quality assurance processes, procedures and products for our customers. We recommend to our customers that quality assurance be built-in at the inception of a project rather than as an after-thought and that tests are identified at the same time as system requirements, as the tests ensure that the requirements are met from the outset. We have actively led the implementation as well as coached and mentored our customers on the proper implementation of quality assurance best practices. We employ a comprehensive approach that includes assessing the customer's quality assurance needs, recommending processes, procedures and products to address those needs, and finally we are key partners in implementing the recommended quality assurance strategy.

KMS has been actively involved in managing change, system configuration and deployment for our customers. Crucial aspects of our experience in change management include assessing a requested change to identify the scope of the change within a system, to determine whether the change is a defect to be corrected or an enhancement, and to identify the criticality and complexity of the change and its impact on the system. Our experience with system configuration and deployment includes scheduling changes and testing for quality assurance, scheduling readiness for target platforms, staging modified systems and platforms for testing and validation, and production deployment. Production deployment often includes a pilot deployment to stabilize and validate a system or platform, and eventually production rollout of the completed system or platform. Production deployment also includes release readiness which involves the completion of user audience training, system documentation and change release communication to the system or platform audience. Upon the completion of production deployment, we continue to provide production support for our customers to address configuration issues and release updates as they are completed.

KMS can provide the full lifecycle of services for information technology and audio/visual related projects including project management, business analysis, system analysis, system architecture design, software programming, quality assurance and testing, implementation support and post-implementation support and maintenance.

We make sure the customer is involved with each step in the process and we exceed the customer’s expectations by ensuring that every need is addressed and that quality is always emphasized.

We consider our commitment to integrity to be the guiding principle that drives performance excellence and quality results which leads to exceeding our customers' expectations.